Gas Agency System C++


The Gas Agencies and the number of gas users are seem to increasing day by day. The transactions like booking gas, releasing gas, keeping records of all customers, etc. when being processed manually take up a lot of time and thus add to the problems of the management, and thus to keep track of the transactions of the gas agency, a software packages seems to be best way as it will speed up the work time and lesson up the complexities of the management. In simple language the project provides such user friendliness and easy understandability that even a novice user will find it easy to use the package and grasp its essence.

Problem Definition 

The software would be able to solve the problem which aeries in the middle level or higher level of Gas Organization where several bills are to be made simultaneously. There would be chances of several mistakes while preparing invoice like calculation or within wrong addresses, date, bill no., etc it would also be able very difficult for them to keep the each record as it occupy lot of useful space & time to maintenance or to find just the details of one or two bills from many files. 


Objective of this software is to computerize the manual system of a Gas Agency, so that all the transactions become fast and easy. It replaces all the paper work. It works according to the need and lowers the workload of user.

Objective of the program is rather simple .It provides easy management of transaction that are regular in a business concerned for which it have been developed. It’s provides an easy navigation menu which a layman user can also use.

Gas Agency Home Page

It manage the entire record along with date, item code, item cost etc. in this program there is a working mode available administrator. An administrator is as usual given all the rights like adding information, modifying existing information, deleting and viewing the information.

In this system clearly aims at reducing the paper work at the cost to be borne of the registers and other things are much higher than the System’s working. Its keep record of all the information given to it according to the date which makes locating a record quite easy.


The h/w used for developing the project entitled Gas Agency System is as follows:

  • Intel Pentium 3 processor
  • Ram : 128 MB
  • Hard disk : 20 GB


The S/w used for developing this project entitled Gas Agency System is as follows:

Window 98, XP  o/s

  • Borland turbo c++ 3.0 IDE
  • MS-DOS  for documentation

Gas Agency Context Level Diagram


  • User can book gas by selecting option 1 from the main menu.
  • Booked gas can be released by selecting option 2 from the main menu.
  • User can view list of members along with their booking status by selecting option 3 from the main menu.
  • Member records can be added, modified or deleted by selecting option 1, 2 or 3 from the edit menu.
  • Booking report can be viewed by selecting option 5 from the main menu.


This project designed to meet the requirements of a Gas Agency management System.

For designing the system we have used simple data flow diagrams.

Overall the project teaches us the essential skill like:

  1. Using system analysis design techniques like data flow diagrams in the system.
  2. Understanding programming logic and language along with the utilities like reports, forms, queries etc.

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