3g &4g Technologies and Their Evaluation Seminar Topic

This seminar belongs to the 3G and 4G technologies. This technology used in nowadays because the customers need the higher data rates and the speed must be fast. In this G means generation.1G is for analog communication and 2G is for digital communication, next technology came 3G for fast data rate up to 400kbps.3G technology first implemented in 2003 in U.S. By using 3G we can do voice calls and video conferencing very easily. In 3G HSPA (high speed internet access) is more fast compared to edge signal. But without having the 3G coverage there no use of taking 3G mobile, when 3G network is not available then automatically 2G signal give the coverage to that signal.  Apple I phones recently come with 3G future. Nowadays 4G is come in to existence but it is not implemented in all places. Apple releases the 4G compatible phone recently. Compared to 3G technology 4G is advanced but it is not implemented till now in all places. Using of 3G or 4G technology is in dilemma till now. By taking the 4g compatible phone but the network is not supported there is the disadvantage in rural areas. So best to buy based on the network you are having in that area. 3G and 4G both support the wireless communication. And speed of the 4G technology is 100MBPS to 1GBPS.it support only packet switching, bandwidth is 100MHZ or more. Now 5G also started the research with more than the features compared to 3G and 4G. 

Download 3g &4g Technologies and Their Evaluation Seminar Topic and Technical Paper Presentation.

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