Writing Formal Business Letters MBA Seminar

The Main Aim Of this Writing Formal Business Letters MBA Seminar is to Writing formal letters, know Stages of writing a business letter, Business letters need to answer,  Find Elements of a business letter,  Tips to improvise letter writing etc

Describing the proposed project:

  • Explain the project’s objectives and methods
  • Describe preliminary results or your success on related problems
  • Describe the facilities and resources that were used for the project
  • Emphasize your unique capabilities

Provide contact information and offer to answer any questions

  • Include your complete email address, telephone number and fax number
  • Give information of any of the websites or any other methods that helped you in your project
  • Use a standard closing 
  • Use one of the following phrases:
  • Very truly yours,
  • Sincerely yours,
  • Respectfully yours,
  • Follow the closing with a comma ( , )
  • Leave four lines blank for your signature and then print your name in one line and title in the next line

Tips to improvise letter writing

  • Make the tone of your letter extremely professional and positive
  • Use good English
  • Use the straightforward language of business – not flowery prose
  • Don’t use unfamiliar jargons

You are the head of the marketing division of Maruti Udyog Ltd.  In the last one year, the market share of the Maruti 800 model dropped from 74% to 53%.  You plan to hold a meeting with the sales personnel to analyze the reasons for this dip in the sales.  Set an agenda for the meeting and suggest how it should be conducted.

-Sheela Kapoor, administrative assistant to the partner in charge, is responsible for planning the annual staff reception for Mehta and Mehta, a regional accounting firm.  Arrangements have already been made to hold this annual event at Holiday Inn, one of the city’s preferred hotels on Saturday, October 10th from 7 to 9 pm.  During Sheela’s initial tour of the facility the restaurant manager gave a complete menu including prices and asked she place the order by October 5th.  He also reminded her to add to the order 7% sales tax and 17% percent service charge on all food and beverages.
-After reviewing the menu and consulting several others at the office.  Sheela decides to place an order for following items:  1 large tray of Veg Manchurian at Rs. 950, 1 large tray of Mutter Panneer at Rs. 800, 2 large trays of Hyderabadi Biriyani at Rs.  500 per tray, 1 large tray of Papad at Rs. 150, 1 medium tray of assorted pickles at Rs. 80, 8 litres of fruit punch at Rs. 50 a litre, 4 litres of green tea at Rs. 60 per litre and 4 litres of black coffee at Rs. 85 a litre
Write Sheela Kapoor’s order letter to Holiday Inn.
You are the purchase manager of a company and need to order 5 computers of the latest model.  Write a letter to the computer company asking for the quotation, specifying the brands, features and additional requirements you prefer along with the delivery time of the goods.
-As a HR manager of the company write a message to the new recruits welcoming them to the company and informing them their probationary period, the office timings, holidays offered , benefits and other rules and regulations that are mandatory to be followed – else what disciplinary action would be taken
-The National Dairy Development Board has advertised for a marketing manager.  As everyone knows, NDDB’s Amul brand is a company to work for.  Write a cover letter that demonstrates your ability to increase their sales and validate them with examples
-Imagine you are Prakash, a customer who has recently purchased a LCD TV from a reputed retailer.  But after a month you notice some lines appearing on the screen whenever you play the DVD, you had the DVD serviced and found that it had no problem and the problem was with the newly purchased TV.  Write a letter to the customer care explaining the problem and asking for a replacement
-As the administrative officer of a company you place an order to Godrej appliances for one cupboard model 5, 3 office chairs model 3, 2 office chairs model 6, 1 table model 101 and tell them that the payment would be paid once the goods are delivered at the mentioned address along with transportation charges
-Write a letter to the bank manager of your bank asking him to stop payment of  ECS, giving details of the ECS (to whom, amount and the date of issuance)
nAs Sales Officer of a company, write a letter to housewives to promote the sale of an electric milk boiler, that it has recently manufactured.  The boiler has a device which automatically cuts off electricity supply after the milk has boiled

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