Worldwide Interperability For Microwave Access WiMAX

A wireless revolution has entered into our daily routine lives and is becoming wireless. The broadband access continues to escalate worldwide and lower-bandwidth wire line methods failed to accomplish the use for higher bandwidth integrated data and voice services. WiMAX is radio technology that provides two-way Internet access at various megabits per second with ranges of many miles.

 The Worldwide Interperability For Microwave Access WiMAX technology can challenge DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and cable broadband services and it provides similar speeds and is less expensive to set up. WiMAX provides fixed, nomadic, portable and, eventually, Mobile wireless broadband connectivity without Direct line-of-sight with a base station.

 WIMAX stands for Worldwide Interperability For Microwave Access. It ensures that broadband wireless radios use interoperates from vendor to vendor which is manufactured for customer. It is a new standard developed by the IEEE. It focuses to solve the problems of point to multipoint broadband outdoor wireless networks. It has various applications which have connectivity for homes and businesses and backhaul for wireless hot spots.

 WiMAX is a wireless technology which is faster and has a longer range than Wi-Fi. However, WiMAX does not conflict with Wi- Fi. It is designed to co-exist with it and extends to flavors of wired ethernet (IEEE 802.3), token ring (IEEE 802.5) and non- IEEE Standards.

 here are two layers addressed in the standard. They are the physical (PHY) and the media access control (MAC) layer design. It provides good coverage and good quality of service.


 For portable/nomadic, WiMAX systems will give a better performance, interference rejection, multipath tolerance, high data quality of service support (data oriented MAC, symmetric link) and lower future equipment costs i.e., low chipset complexity, high spectral efficiencies. Hence, WiMAX complements existing and emerging 3G mobile and wire line networks. It plays an important role to provide service and deliver converged service offerings.

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