Code Division Multiple Access System Computers Seminar Topics

The research paper Code Division Multiple Access System Computers Seminar Topics suggests that CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is one method for implementing a multiple access communication system. The research paper explains what multiple access is. It says that MULTIPLE ACCESS is a technique where many subscribers or local stations can share the use of the use of a communication channel at the same time or nearly so despite the fact originate from widely different locations.

About CDMA: The research paper says that CDMA is a hybrid combination of FDMA and TDMA. For example, frequency hopping may be employed to ensure during each successive time slot, the frequency bands assigned to the users are recorded in random manner. During time slot 1, user 1 occupies frequency band 1, user 2 occupies frequency band 2, user 3 occupies band 3 and so on. During time slot 2, user 1 hops to frequency band 3, user 2 hops to band 1, user 3 hops to band 2, and so on.

What is the meaning of CDMA? The research paper explains that in the CDMA technology. the users are spread across both frequency and time in the same channel. Here, unique digital codes, rather than separate RF frequencies or channels are used to differentiate subscribers. The codes are shared by both the mobile stations (cellular phone) and the base station, and are called “pseudo random code sequences” or “pseudo-noise code sequences”.

Advantages of CDMA Technology: Many advantages have been elucidated in the paper about the CDMA Technology. It says that

  • Availability of very low cost, highly dense digital integrated circuits, which reduce the size, weight and cost of the subscriber station to an acceptably low level.
  • Realization that optimal multiple access communication requires that all user station regulate their transmission power to the lowest that will achieve adequate signal quality.


The research paper concludes on a note saying that CDMA is radically new concept in wireless communication. CDMA has gained widespread international acceptance by cellular radio system operators as an upgrade that will dramatically increase both their systems capacity and the service quality.

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