Work In Progress (WIP) Java Project

Work In Progress  (Production and Stores Accounting System)module will accept the process sheet details from the Methods department. By using this information, the PPC prints the documents for required work order for the given Number. The new Work order is launched as per the Number with the Work In Progress status ‘R’. The cost center, machine code & batch quantity are also chosen.

When a new work order is to be launched WIP forwards Material Requisition to Material Management. Then MM, in turn, propels the material requisition to the Store, to confirm the availability of the material. If the required material is existing, Store mails Material Requisition Issue to WIP so that a new Work order may be successfully launched.

If the material is withdrawn from the store for a new work order, it indicates that the Work order is ‘ready for loading’ and the status of the WIP is updated to ‘R’ (Ready for Loading). When the Work order is loaded to the machine, the WIP status is altered to ‘L’ (Loaded) from the shop. When a particular operation is in progress then the status is reorganized as ‘N’ (Not Completed) by SFM module.

In the SFM module itself, the machine card/labor card is booked for that work order with respect to Operation number. When a Work order is completed, the WIP status is updated as ‘C’, which indicates the completion of the Operation.

Inspection of manufactured parts is done not only after each operation but also after the completion of the final operation. When the PPC offers the component for each operation then WIP status is updated as ‘I’. After the completion of the final operation for that particular Work order, the refined component is credited to the store & the WIP status is updated as ‘F’. Hence by screening the status of WIP user can predict the phase of the work order.

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7

Technology             :  Java/J2EE(Servlets,JSP,JDBC)

Web Technologies  :  Html,Javascript,CSS

Web Server: Linux ad-hoc server

Database: Oracle 11G(Grid Computing), Oracle 9I  (forms and reports)

Software ’s: JDK 1.6

Hardware Requirements:

Hardware: Pentium based systems with a minimum of P4

RAM: 1GB (minimum)

Download the attached Work In Progress (WIP) Java Project Code & Database.

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