Wireless Data and Voice Communication through Infrared-LED Project

The aim of the Wireless Data and Voice Communication through Infrared-LED Project is to model the circuit of the technology infrared system, improve modern concepts to execute the circuit, review the circuitry and various kinds of elements, DTMF decoder, DTMF generator, op-amp, and infrared-LED under the circuit.

 The infrared LED is the only method for piping light across edges and into unauthorized areas permitting the secret. The infrared LED is becoming under system of high importance and utilization. The benefits are contrasted with twisted wire pairs or common coaxial cable is abundant. Therefore, many like to spend these light communication systems into function.

The impressive growth under few years in the area of telecommunication is utilization of laser light to have the data on the information over great places. This is evident under the last year of light wave transmission is great to get by microwave and wires relations. Basically, infrared LED includes the less transmission per unit length (0.15-5db/km). It helps the aim economically.

The important component of infrared LED system is based on the applications. The applications contain great featured video Trunked from Video Trunking, studio Transferee, and Broadcast CATV video under cities and Baseband Video. The elements of the system are infrared-led, mike, amplifier, speaker, photo transistor, amplifier, DTMF decoder, DTMF coder, and decoder driver.


It is concluded that the common telephonic methods make use of copper wires that result in oxidized form and need great sustenance rate. The laser light is non-reactive and economical. The noise is obtained over the copper wire and the electrical intensities are important under laser light and the noise is negligible.

Download Wireless Data and Voice Communication through Infrared-LED Project.

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  1. hi i want to design wireless Temperature sensor using lm35 buy infrared connection with avr microcontroller sender and receiver circuits. how do i design circuits and What Would Be Code for
    Sending Those Digital Values Of The Temperature Sensor Serially To The Transmitter And Form There To The Another Microcontroller.

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