All about Embedded Spiking Neural Networks

Description: The research paper All about Embedded Spiking Neural Networks gives a complete insight into Embedded Spiking Neural Networks. The research paper says that when it comes to perception at a deeper level the human brain outwits the computer. Sounds exaggerating but that’s how it is. Human brain is adept at understanding things like perception, pattern recognition, generalization and non-linear control. The computer scientists want to tap this extraordinary potential of human brain and expedite alongside enhancing the quality of some computational procedures. Neural networks tap the concept of functioning of human brain. Human communication greatly depends upon the reaction of neurons to impulses, for convenience the scientists have called them spikes. The aim is to generate such a thing in computers or work as a human computer interface.

What is spike: Lately the concept of ‘spike’ is gaining more footage and scientists are working towards smooth steering of more complex functions. The concept befits hardware implementations seamlessly. The concept suits hardware implementations because spikes use single bits to realize communication process and they weighed leaky integrators. The emphasis is now to create machines with extra logic so that they communicate effectively with the surroundings. The research on embedding spiking neural networks into reconfigurable hardware is going on. This is done in order to enhance the intelligent ‘interactivity’ levels of the system by greater degree. Neural networks have a wider scope, in fat all embedded systems which are involved in a complex communication behavior where intelligence becomes an unavoidable factor, spiking neural networks plays an important role.

Conclusion: Spiking Neural Networks and the concepts of embedding is a relatively young one. A rigorous research is going on and still much has to be done in the field. The algorithms developed for implementation are a few and there still is a need to come up with elaborate algorithms that will suit the purpose. Spiking Neural Networks comes up with a promise of transforming the work environment with efficient and intelligently interactive communicating systems.

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