Drop Box Web File Storing Asp.Net Project Source Code

Dropbox web file storing application is implemented in asp.net platform. This software application can be useful for every internet user for uploading and downloading files which are of large size. 

There is always a problem on the web for sending files of large size, by using this application it will be easy to share files by uploading to site and download from any location from all over the world, but users need to log in with same user id for uploading and downloading files.

There are many applications available on the web like Dropbox which works on the same principle.

Implementing this project as the mini project can be useful for students to gain knowledge on data sources, site navigation controls like tree view and sitemap path ..etc.

You can download entire project source code and step by step procedure for execution this project.

download drop box web file storing asp.net project source code and project abstract.

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