E Space Web Server Management System Project in Java

E – Space Web Server Management System Project in Java deals with the Web Server based Information and Maintenance of the Web Server. Web Service can identify the consumer whether the consumer is an individual, a business entity or another Web Service. The Physical location of the consumer is traceable by the Web Service. The Security and Privacy policies related to the consumer are known to a Web Service. Service level Agreements that exist between the consumer and the service provider are open to the web services. URL names and URL Authorities are identified and maintains the relationship between the consumers and Web Services. 

Today in fast moving world of   E-Commerce, Companies realize to stay competitive in making their products available over the Internet. These services also need to talk to the partner applications to make the business to business communication work. Services may also be provided to the customer to get the interactivity in the website and get the customer closer to the organization.  The inherent complexities of automating such services are the interoperability between platforms. Web Services is emerging as the most promising solution to this need.

Existing System 

The existing system at present in LASTECH SYSTEM is manual. They are maintaining all the information like recruitment details, employee details, project details, upgradation and service details etc., in paper form (master and transaction files). At present all the validations and checkings are done manually. All the information are maintained in the registers. The manual processing, which consumes a lot of time while making the report of data a tedious process.

Problems associated with the Existing System       

·      Possibility of data getting lost.

·      Unnecessary pilling of records and difficulty in storage.

·      Laborious to retrieve the data from the stacks.

·      Process of generating reports becomes difficult.

 Reusable software component

  • Off-the shelf components
  • Full-experience components
  • Partial-experience components
  • New components

Since this existing system of this project is done manually, so it does not have any software that can be reused. Hence this project falls under the type new components.

Proposed System

The huge amount of data to be operated and the complexity of the interrelationships between the fields of the various files have necessitated for the new system. Since table handling using SQL Server 2000 would increase the ease in handling data, quicker and timely retrieval of data is possible with flexibility and portability. Keeping in view all these points and problems of the existing system, the new system has been developed using Java Server Page and SQL Server.

Advantage of Proposed System

·      Increases the system Reliability

·      Centralized access

·      Random access

·      Easy report generation

·      Better Visualization and easy Interpolation

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