Web Portal for National Parks in HTML

Web portal for National parks is a website which provides the people who are interested in visiting national parks and interested in  wild animals can view our website to where they can get to know where the national park is situated and what all animals residing in that national park. 

In this web site we have provided complete information of few national parks situated in India where the viewers can get to know the complete information about the particular national park. 

In this web site we have also provided the option of Animal Info in that particular national park page where viewers can get the information of well known animals and birds residing in that particular national park. 

We also have a Site Map option where viewers can see what all National Parks are there in our web site and can easily know where it is situated in India.

System Overview: 

Existing system which was performed using manual operations overcomes by the proposed system called “National Parks Of India” where viewing national parks and wild life in that particular park from anywhere in the world. 

Existing Web portal for National parks : 

The existing system was thoroughly studied which uses manual operations for Maintaining information of the national park and animals residing of that particular  park in paper and files which may be damaged due to externals causes like fire, water etc as a result it may lead to loss of information gathered permanently. And each national park may require a new record to store the information about that park which may also lead to so many records where finding it in set of national park records may be too difficult.

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  1. Topic are unique …plz you can send me the project source code and whole project then i have reffer the project…. Thank you…for the giving the new topic idea…

  2. i am very appreciate with this project. Would you won’t mind to provide this project to me.
    iam from Nepal. Waiting for your response.
    thank you

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