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Coupons World is an online discount coupon website developed using MS SQL & .NET where visitors/subscribers will be able to take advantage of discount coupons which they will be able to purchase from the Coupons World web portal. Coupons World will promote and showcase exclusive offers from different companies and institutions. These offers will be bought by the visitors and avail the discounts and promotion at the respective stores or shop.

Each coupon will carry a specific number of minimum subscribers that needs to subscribe/purchase that particular coupon to activate the discount. There will be no purchase if the minimum expected subscriptions are not met.

Coupons World will showcase exclusive offers on a daily basis from different genre of companies and institution; each offer will have a brief description about the product/services including the profile of the respected advertiser/company.

Visitors/Subscribers will have an additional important tool which will allow them to invite their friend/colleagues and relatives to subscribe the offer. Every invited subscriber will add on an opportunity to get close of activating the discount coupon.

The coupon expiry will not last for more than 24 hours, failure to meet the minimum expected subscriber will result in cancellation of the coupon and no credits cards will be charged to the subscribers for the respective offer.

Subscribers/Visitors can have discussion on the particular offer at the discussion forum.

Coupons World Web Portal will not charge any credit cards until the minimum expected subscribers are met and the coupon is validated.

Here is the list of features that will be there on the Web Portal for the Coupons World:

Front End:

Graphical User Interface: A unique stylish, easy to navigate website which will showcase offers on a daily basis. The offers will be clear and to the mark.

Subscription: Visitors of the website will be able to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated with daily offers.

Today’s Offer: Will showcase offer for the day including the advertiser information and profile with complete mailing address. This will also show numbers of coupons bought so far, the minimum expected subscribers and he offer information with the savings and discount percentage.

Recent Deals: Will have information of all recent deals on the website. Sorted Day wise

Admin Area – Back End:

  • 1) Secure Login
  • 2) Create Today’s Deal
    a. Deal Information
    b. Create Company Profile
    c. Product information and benefits including testimonials
    d. Set minimum buy outs
    e. Set-up discounts and publish
  • 3) Recent Deal
    a. List of all recent deals with statistical reports
  • 4) Static Content Pages
  • 5) Reports & Statistics
    a. Pages Views
    b. Offer Views and Clicks
    c. Subscriber Information
    d. Sale Counts
  • 6) Accounts
    a. Deal Management
    b. Total Sold (per offer)
  • 7) Help & Support
    a. Support Help Desk
  • 8) Logout

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