Web Based Supply Chain Management System a ASP.Net Project

This project “Web based supply chain management system a ASP.Net Project” is based on a web based supply chain managements. This is an integrated approach for stock transfer across warehouses and the distributors are located all over the country. The software will be used in Windows-2000 Platform with ASP.Net and SQL server 2000.Supply-Chain-Management-System-a-ASP-.Net-Project

This project is designed with a set of modules and each module has a specific role to play. The main modules are company module, distributor module and a stock depot module. This modular approach was adapted by the above mentioned software and hence depicted in the project.


In the project, the company registration module is used for registering the company with the site after which the company is provided with a user id and password. The product module is used for the creation and maintenance of different products manufactured by company. The stock deposit module plays the role of assigning user ids to stock depots as well as maintaining track of stock depots. The distributor module creates and maintaining distributors and allotting them stock depot.

The order processing module aids in the generation of purchase orders and submit the order to the stock depot. The packing list module creates packing list by stock depots on the basis of orders by distributors. The invoicing module creates invoices based on packing lists which is dispatched to distributors and prepared by stock depots. The reporting and analyzing module keeps the track of the entire  process.


The project’s software was implemented and tested and conclude that it is error free. In this project, the main consideration is stock transfer. By providing a user id and password to the company it prevents unauthorized access. Also, additional modules can be added to the project when necessary. The important advantage of this project is that it can be combined with another package easily.

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