P2p Replication Based Performance Improvement Asp.Net Project Source Code

P2P replication based performance improvement project is implemented in asp.net platform. Main aim of this project is to develop new methods for improving efficiency of database in peer to peer network for sharing documents, applications and digital media in internet.

Modules And Their Description  

      This project contains five main modules:      


         Peer Lister      

        Active peers Viewer               

        Aggregate Rules Analyzer     

        Report Provider       

       Authentication : 

      • Register user details for Query Processing Unit
      • Easy to identify purpose of the user
      • Avoid anonymous access
      • Stores entry and process details
      • No logins or passwords needed
      • Dentification based on random code ID                                              

 Peer Lister : 

  • List the peers which connected with the connected with the query node.
  • Result based on aggregate query
  • Higher number  get high preference
  • Peer changes depends upon server action 

 Active Peers Viewer: 

  • This module is to get all the peers which are connected with the server.

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