Time Table Generation System

1. Title of the project: Time Table Generation for College

2. Aim:To develop an application which generates a free list, individual list, block list for a given Time Table

3. Introduction:In present day scenario, faculty member’s free period identification is quite complex. By using this project, one can generate Free List-A list which gives us details which faculty members are available for a given day, Individual List-A list which gives us details about subjects and sections allocated to a faculty member and Blocked List-A block list is mainly used by Principle and  Head of the department. They can identify for a given hour which faculty members are having their classes.

4. Scope:Using this application, faculty can easily generate free list skipping hours of tedious work .This can be used in any institute intending to have their free their free list generated with just few clicks which is very easy and efficient.

5. Workflow:

6. Design elements:




I) Hardware required:

  • Processor    :            Intel Pentium 4
  • Ram            :            1 GB or more
  • Hard disk    :          10  GB hard disk space

II)Software required:

  • Languages: JDK v1.7
  • Database:   MySql
  • IDE:           NetBeans


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