Visual Basic Porject Idea on Railway Ticket Scheme System

Introduction to Railway Ticket Scheme System Project:

The goal of RTS scheme is to outline programming to thoroughly robotize the course of action of concerning a track ticket.

  1. To make a database of the entourages
  2. To receive the user qualified information and give a PNR number.
  3. To compute passage
  4. To improve a trip organizer


Main target is attempting to execute popularity based model of venture administration and execution. That is every last trace of the arranging, outline and coding steps of venture are finished in path of interest by every last trace of the group parts.


It is part one and this embodies accompanying sub undertakings:-

  1. examining for accessibility
  2. Accepting portions
  3. Journey organizer
  4. Checking for accessibility

This incorporates taking after ladder:-

a)                  meeting traveler portions

b)                  giving out the permit solicit

c)                  computation of passage

d)                 concerning the PNR

e)                  concerning ticket portions

Journey organizer

It is an inventive thought we are recommending. Programmings above all else prerequisite are that it might as well reduce or dispose of manual effort. It might as well as user well disposed would be prudent.

Notwithstanding what we suggest to actualize by it is, by actually dropping in the beginning and completion location, we will find the post of emulating parts

  1. Direct develops to the end of the line
  2. Connection develops which are achievable

Ticket wiping out:

It is the errand of scratching off a line ticket. You are crossing out advances to the adjustment of the record holding the dispensed traveler’s parts. There are several cases:-

a)         Termination of an affirmed ticket includes changing RAC-1 to drop ticket and touching every last trace of the RAC plus Waiting catalogue sections up by single.

b)         Termination of RAC includes moving the following RAC and holding up post sections up by single.

c)         Termination of a coming up post unequivocally includes the climbing by one every last trace of the following Waiting catalogue passages.

Download  Visual Basic Porject Idea on Railway Ticket Scheme System.

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