Videolibrary iPhone Application

Project Definition:

  • Videolibrary is iphone application which allow user to store their audio,video and jpeg images according to particular date.It gives user password to secure their data.These data is only shown in the library rather than anywhere in phone storage.

Preliminary Investigation:

  • Videolibrary must allow user to store their data according to particular data.
  • User must allow to sync their camera mode via videolibrary.
  • Audio,video and jpeg images must be taken via videolibrary.
  • It should provide note for storage of particular event.
  • Data which are taken via videolibrary should not be shown in phone storage without videolibrary.
  • It must provide user and password for security.

It should allow user to search their data like video,audio which is available in videolibrary

Selecting the project development Strategy:

  • The software development process also can be divided into smaller, interacting subprocess.
  • Generally, the software development process can be viewed as a series of transformations, where the output of one transformation becomes the input of the subsequent transformation.

Requirement Determination

  • Purpose

The Sole Purpose of application is to allow user to their video,audio or jpeg data according to particular date,month  and year.User can also search contain from videolibrary and also provides  password to secure the data.

  • Overview
    • Application allows user to store their according to particular date,month and year.
    • Application provides user to search contain from library.
    • This application provides user password to secure their data.
  • Environmental Characteristics
    • Hardware Characteristics
      • It supports apple’s iphone.
    • Software Characteristics
      • iOS 5.0(apple’s os for iphone)
    • Users
      • Person having having iphone 4 and above model
    • Goal Of Implementation:-
      • Application is developed in order store user’s data into timely format that user can store according to memoryin past.
      • This application is also developed to provide user to search their data which is available in videolibrary.
    • Functional Requirements:
      • Videolibary must sync with
      • Must allow user to make note on particular date.
      • Must allow to user to search from the videolibrary.
      • Data which is available in videolibrary should not be shown in phone storage.
      • It should allow user sync with media player to play audio and video file.
    • Modules:
      • Storage

This  data store store in videolibary should be only seen via videolibrary.

  • password

This Module allows user to make their data secure from unauthenticed access . 

  • mediaplay

Mediaplay module allows to play contain which are available in videolibrary like audio and video.

Requirement Specification:

  • Software Requirements:

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8.

Front-End: Xcode 4.5.

Back-End: SQLite.

  • Hardware Requirements:

System configuration: MAC  OS X 10.8 2GB RAM, 40 GB Hard Disk.

Future Enhancement:

  • Youtube videos :
  • Here in this application user can access youtube and store the videos according to particular date.
  • Multiple selection:
  • Here in this application user can add only one video or sond or image but only single time.
  • In future user can add more than one video,image or song at single time.

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