An iPhone Application for BCS (British Computer Society) Project Proposal

Project Proposal

I want to make an Apple iPhone Application for the British Computer Society from which Users will gain a richer web experience for BCS users. The BCS members will be the Sole beneficiaries from this Project. 


  1. Users will be able to register themselves to the BCS Membership.
  2. Student will be able to register to their exams and submit their various applications
  3. Users will have all the information about BCS on-the-go.
  4. Users will be able to search through their own course syllabus, Exam Papers, Reports and their Results.
  5. Event Reminder will remind members whenever their chosen events will about to happen.
  6. Users will be able to buy books from book-shop and registered members will be able to read books online from 24×7 from bookshop. 

Project Scope: 

            BCS members will be highly benefited from this Application as It will take them to another Dimension of iPhone (currently iPhone has covered 23 % of smart-phone market). This application will serve over 70,000 BCS Members across the globe.

            This application will have two main interfaces, one for its registered members and another for non-registered members. It will contain all the information which is available on BCS website. Application will have several screens, first Screen will contain all the Information about BCS and from there Users will have choices to login into member area or just surf through other features like general information about courses & qualification & Training, Membership Criteria, BCS Products, services and events, book-shop, ask a question and many more. Mainly users will be able to use this application as shorter, richer and better interface then the ordinarily website. 


            This application will fetch all the data from bcs website and will be totally dependent on it. I will use Hessian Kit language to send and receive data. It will work as mediator between the users and BCS website. It will not store any data on local machine Permanently but it will store temporarily as a back-up, in-case of loss of connection or any other fall-out.

            This application will work in-synchronization with all the basic iPhone application like Safari Browser, Word, Excel, PDF and Flash Player so that I will be able to reduce the application size.

            This application  will be based on Apple iOS SDK 4.3 and  to create interface and I will use XCode as a developing software and Objective C and Cocoa as a main Programming language .I will test my Application First on iPhone Simulator and then I will build it on real iPhone 

Documentation : 

            . Once I have finished with my project I will submit my software with various reports in details like feasibility report about the various phases of my project, Functional and non-functional requirement Report which will contain the functionality of application and all the non-functionality like the quality, performance, usability, availability, reliability and supportability of the software.  This documentation will be based on doxygen. I will attach my testing script with the project and I will provide suitable documentation for the user.

            This documentation and SDK will help BCS to decide and verify, if they wants to link it to Apple APP Store as an Official BCS Application or not. 

Individual Achievement 

            From This Project I am intended to learn more about developing Mac & Particularly iPhone and iPad Application & I will learn more about the security, Safety, Performance and the application quality. I will cover several of my subjects from this project which will be System Analysis & Design, Software engineering, Database Management, Website Development and Copyright rules abiding BCS website ( Professional Issues in IT) 

Intended Completion Date of Project :

            I am working on my own, under the guidance of my authenticator. I am intended to finish my project within 7 months. 

            Please Accept this Proposal so that I can start working on and complete it within the deadline.

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