Video Library Management System in C++

Aim of the project

The aim of the video library management system is to deliver a working system that will allow the video parlor user to keep the records of the videos which are in stock and also the ones which have been rented including the issue and return date.

Objective of the project

In a computerized system, the user can do things in a much easier way as compared to the manual system of keeping the records. This software is made to computerized the working of keeping tracks of video cassettes.

Application Area

The project undertaken is actually to develop a video library management system for the higher level authority. The application will be in C++ & the concept of files has been included to save the records.

So, the application area of the project will include all the tasks involving the records of renting video cassettes and maintaining records of customers renting those cassettes.

The Video Library Management System is a live project software. It maintains records of all the video cassettes and provides complete and reliable information of the record of the video cassette and the customers who rent them. Overall the system is very helpful in order to provide a quality service efficiently and effectively. And I have also tried to fulfill almost all the requirements. There might be some limitations but those are due to time and cost constraint. There is a lot of scope for further enhancement of the project.

Video Library Management System 


Today, IT industry is known as word of magic. No doubt it brings a universal change in society. The existing manual system is very tedious so that this system is used to get rid of that old system.

This Video Library Management System is having the entire features to provide the full information of a commercial video library such as available movies, issued movies, no. of copies of each movie, personal details of customer. Video Library Management System will help the trader to generate important & informative reports and helps the business to maintain proper record with proper allocation of data.

The proposed system aims to develop a system that helps to manage all basic information of a video library. This information system is flexible enough to be used in any other sort of sort for storing & retrieving information of transaction by slight modifications. The proposed system has the following objectives to be achieved.

User Friendly Environment.

  1. Less Space.
  2. Fast Retrieval.
  3. Easy to Operate.
  4. Accuracy.
  5. Cost Reduction.
  6. Report generation etc

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