Download Library Management C Project Code and Report

The project entitled LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A C PROJECT is developed as part of the VI Semester RDBMS package project for the partial fulfillment of the BE (Computer Science) degree.

The main objective of the application is to automate the existing system of manually maintain the records of the Book Issue, Book Return from the student, Stock Maintenance, Catalogue and Book Search to be computerized. So the Book Issue, Return, Searching will be a more refined and quicker process.ย 

It is a software application to maintain the records related to Book Purchase, Stock Maintenance, Book Search, Catalogue, Book Issue, Book Returns, Fine Collection, and all necessary requirements for the Library to manage the day to day operations.ย 

This application can be used by any Library to automate the process of manually maintaining the records related to the subject of maintaining the stock and Book Issues.ย 

It is seen that there is no loss of books and students donโ€™t waste time to search for the book required. It is preferred in college libraries where management of books is slightly complicated where students are always referring and borrowing them.

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