VB Project Report on Hotel Reservation System Project

Introduction to VB Project on Hotel Reservation System:

This paper is about automation of hotel reservation of PALAZZO DE LAOAG HOTEL, LAOAG CITY. The study of Analysis was conducted to study the existing system in the hotel.

The researcher was responsible for conducting the study through the transitional flow in the reservation hotel noticed that the existing system is manual approach. The manger and the front desk personnel are involved as front liners in business. 

To study the organizational structure of the company and also to implement proposed online system, various stages firstly the researcher selects from various system proposals wherein proposed system is online hotel reservation secondly the researcher seeks a permission from manager of hotel via a letter for conducting study.

Thirdly the system requirements are collected via forms, documents, interviews. And actual interview will be conducted with concerned person and even more information is collected from library regarding the existing systems and gain more knowledge about the system regarding the hardware and software. 

This study is limited to this particular hotel of reservation and also the limitation is payment is not done online. For the implementation of this proposed system, data was collected from various sources and then data was analyzed based on requirement. 

Once the data is collected, hardware and software equipment’s will be chosen and the programming will be written based on requirements of client. And this application is used to validate data and even to trap errors and maintain security.

Based on the study of research the researcher has concluded that the proposed system performs well when compared to the existing system of performing manually. 

The hardware requirements:  Pentium IV 2GHz, Intel board Slot A, 128 MM SDRAM, 8.4 Hard disk

Software requirements: ASP (Active Server Pages) using VBScript

Download  VB Project Report on Hotel Reservation System Project.

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