Value of Apple Company Student Project Introduction

Value of Apple 

It is proved from different surveys that Apple has surpassed the value of Nokia, which was the market leader initially in many aspects including the core business value, in particular at the smart phone level. Currently Apple is making more business and generating more revenue than Nokia, even Nokia has more market shares across the world and all the successful features of Apple as discussed in the previous sections has made Apple the market leader with respect to the smart phones. Before Apple the core competitors were Nokia, Sony Ericson and HTC and now the situations has changed towards the Nokia, Apple and RIM. 

Among the most successful factors of Apple, the software developed by it has the main consideration and it made the market of Apple to wide spread across the world. Apple OS has many key advantages which made it unique from various service providers and thus Apple could make ample revenue when compared to other successful smart phone providers.

There are some mobile applications even before the introduction of iPhone, but with the introduction of iPhone these mobile applications has taken the economy towards the peeks. Apple has supported many application developers to develop their applications and they have started a separate community in this aspect to encourage more application development and developers.

The main strategy of Apple is that it has used existing software’s to create the new applications and the key among them include the operating system which is smaller version of OS X and the application development environment is mad of Cocoa which was initially used across IPod, MAC and friends and the web browser is Safari. With this strategy Apple is successful in minimizing the technical risks and also could create more number of applications with a less investment.

The SDK developed by Apple can be simply downloaded by the application developers and it can be used against the API to create the applications across the iPhone. Application developers can create their own application using the API and once the applications are tested by Apple they are deployed in to the production and this strategy has made Apple to introduce many applications and thus it has become successful in many aspects.

Apple has reduced number of coding errors by automating the application development process where most of the applications are developed using the standard API’s and thus most of the coding errors are avoided. The software development cycle implemented by Apple is unique in its features and it is as shown in the below figure

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