Student Course Management System Project

Student course Management system project is designed in java programming language. This software is useful for taking courses and submitting course work and getting grades from instructor.

Project Category:

Java Based Online Course Management System Software

Project Synopsis:

Online course management software are used in colleges and universities for helping students and instructors to get in touch from any location. Students from different branch can register with application and submit works and get grades.

Project Design:

Main form consists of three options students, instructor and admin. Each user will have different permissions.

Admin can update student information, instructor information, course details, assigning courser to students can instructors.

Student can check available courser and join that courser and select instructor and submit home work and view grades.

Instructor can take course and view home works submitted by students and pick student home work and student from list to give grades for submitted work.

Features in Courser Management System:

Without direct interaction with instructors students can take course and update home work given by instructor and get grades.

Students from different departments can use this application by selecting available courses from the list and instructors.

Students from any location can take course and instructors can give grades to students from any location.

This application is web based application which will save time for students and instructors.

Software requirement:

Front End Design: Java

Database: SQL Server

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