Training and Placement Cell Project in Java

Introduction to Training and Placement Cell Project in Java:

This project is used to develop an online application for training and placement department in the college. This project uses an application for the TPO of the college to provide the student information. Each and every student’s information should be present in the record for logging the form of CV. For training and placement of the students the TPO’s have to collect the CV;s and manage them. and also  check the CV for further corrections.

Document convention font style time’s new roman, and font size main headings 16, sub headings 14, content 12 and line spacing 1.5.

Scope of the project we can store the information of the students various companies can access the information of the students and the student can update his CV up to date. And the company will call the student or he will send the mail to the student mail ID for any placements.

This project is mainly intended to help the people who belong to t&p cell by saving time.

This activity is under goes into 2 steps the first one is we have to maintain the list of students record and the second one to maintain the company record based on the company requirement we need to select the students and make a list of it.

Existing system filling form by students in this project  a form is given to the student in which he/she has to fill his complete details such as name, roll no, branch, percentages etc.

Marks of students should collect from each and every department.

Proposed system in this project the user have to provide the information to the system the company name, date and venue at which the campus drive takes place. The system will generate this information and will place in college notice board for the student’s placement.

Hard ware requirement processor intelp2, ram 512mb and hard disk 40 GB.

Download Training and Placement Cell Project in Java .

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