Track Machine Management for Railways .Net Project

Railways is a big organization which need to maintain the details of different things like tracks and their material so it is tedious job to maintain all these details manually,in order to overcome this problem track procurement management system is providing the successful tools and techniques to a broad range of activities like maintaining  inventory of the material needed for tracks like bolts,nuts,joints etc…,the project mainly contains the modules like material purchasing,material issuing, stock maintenance, zonal issuing,monitoring of track machines.

This project is about the maintenance of Railway tracks of particular region.

UML Diagrams:

Class Diagram:

Sequence Diagram for Employee, Administrator, Manager & Supplier:

Data Flow Diagrams:

And this project consists of four modules.

  1. Admin
  2. Manager
  3. Employee
  4. Supplier


  • Views the details of manager,employee, Supplier.
  • Updates,deletes details.
  • To view the details ,admin should login

  • Admin logins by using user name –admin
  • User type admin
  • Views the details of manager,employee and supplier.
  • These details are stored in database using MS-SQL server 2000 where these data is stored in the form of Tables.
  • Similarly data is stored for manager,employee in database.
  • Admin can add new shipping address Requirements
  • When admin wants to add new shipping address
  • He can by filling the add new shipping address form


  • Orders material requested by employee
  • Gets the information of material supplied to employee from supplier.
  • Logins by using username,password and Type-manager
  • He can view his personal details, employee details and supplier details.
  • He gets the details of the material supplied to the employee.
  • He can delete employee details from database
  • Approve material
  • This information is given to manager by employee.
  • Received material information is forwarded by supplier
  • When supplier delivers material to employee.


  • Third module
  • Logins by using user type-employee
  • Views personal details, supplier details, received materials, requested materials.


  • Sends material to the employee directly
  • Gives information of the material delivered to employee ,to the manager.
  • i.e both manager and employee can view received material
  • Delivers the material from shipment
  • He can view personal details, requested material and send material


Operating System      :        MS Windows

Languages                   :        Asp.Net with C#

Database System       :       MS-SQL Server

Download this Track Machine Management for Railways .Net Project Source Code & Database.

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