Timer for Perfection Bio-metric System Project

Existing System:

Generally in our College  we are daily facing a Biometric System based on Software and Hardware. Biometric System is used for proof of arrival and Departing of faculty members that  is processed as taking the finger print of each faculty for their presence in the college(Identification).

Initially, the data of all the employee should be stored  in  the XLSheet by using database system and also we can upload the photos along their information of respective faculty.


  • Mis-macthing of Time (ODD  number of punching seems like mis-macth)
  • A punch may cause leave (If the faculty forget the punch at particular time it would leads to leave notification)
  • Loosing Clearance (There is no clearance about IN & OUT timings)

Proposed System:

In our Project, we are using a Biometric Systems which Consists of majorly 5 subsystem. They are:

1.Display Screen (Required content to displayed)

2.Memory Storage (Information about  respective employee)

3.KeyPad (which is used as input device)

4.Speaker Box (Used for voice Messaging)

5.Thumbprint (To Make identification of  employee regarding presence)

Coming to processing  steps of our project is: every class should have biometric system  in that already we have to set the time followed by  our requirements. Every employee should  be punch   through biometric to identify  their  arrival and departing timings for their respective  class hours.  If  any of them coming late or leave in that particular class hour  the default message will be sent to HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT regarding Vacancy   of that class. Then, they will assign alternative faculty in managing the time in a perfect way. The whole DB of all the Biometric Systems are controlling by HOD sir db (it is a mobile app) which serves as a remote system.


  • Setting the Time in TIMER to overcome the Mismatch between the time.
  • Instance action by sending MESSAGE to HoD sir ,this will leads to reduction of time.
  • Free from GOSSIPS between faculty, students and management regarding class timings.
  • Time-to-time class schedule will be proceeded. class schedule will be proceeded.

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