Time Table Management System Java Project


Time table management system is a project which is developed to provide better support for lecturers and students in a college. This Time Table Management System provides a function to view timetable for the specific lecturer and the master timetable for that semester. Lecturer can inquire about classes availability and can book for the free classes. Students can view their functionality like adding and dropping subjects. Students can view and get the registration slip from the system. Timetable management system also contains a database, which stores the lecturers and students personal details.

Time Table Management System

Existing System:

The existing Time Table Management System contains a manual timetable system which is used by post graduates and under graduates. This manual system may lead to clashes of data in the timetable produced. The existing timetable always change and involved many lecturer to handle it. It’s taking too much of their time. The conclusion is they need a system to help and improve the process of preparing the timetable.

Proposed System:

The proposed Time Table Management System is a automatic timetable management system which generates time table automatically. This java project will help to manage all the periods automatically. This system will also help the faculty to view timetable from anywhere. This system also manages the timetable when any lecture is absent late coming or early going. By using this system lectures can apply online leave.


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  1. Sir,
    Could you please send the source code of this project? I am doing a similar project so it would be helpful as i can use this as a reference to my code. Kindly send the code as soon as possible.
    Waiting for your reply.

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