Threats of Different Types of Storage Devices Seminar Topic

In general in the recent time period there are different types of the existing threats related to the privacy of the information that is stored in the end user devices like the computers, the customer devices like phones, digital accessories, the different types of the removable storage devices such as the USB, memory card, the external hard drive, CD as well as DVD. The threats are of two types such as unintentional and the intentional.

The human based errors are referred to as the unintentional errors. The intentional threats will takes place because of the different types of motivations such as troubles and interruptions along with different attacks. The thefts and device losses are the major threats that will takes place in the end user devices. The other specific problem is that the individual who is having the physical access of the devices then that individual will be able to access and copy the information which is stored in those particular devices.

The other threat is that the insider attacks which means one employee accessing the information of the other employee by using the devices. The Malware is happened to be one of the other important threat which will allow the unauthorized access to the devices for the different attackers in order to transmit the information from the device that belongs to the attacker system and will carry out some activities such as the exposing the confidential information present in the device. The various types of threats that are towards the devices of end users will always allow access of the information present in it to the unauthorized users.

For protecting the information from these types of threats, there is a necessity of the using the strong security measures. There is even a need of protecting the components that belongs to the end user devices such as the operating system because it plays a vital role in storing the information. The encryption as well as the authentication is considered as the two significant aspects that can be used for the purpose of securing the data from the unauthorized access and users.

The encryption is the process which is applicable to the individual file which is having the secret information which will encrypt the entire data stored in the devices. The specific solutions for the encryption are totally based on the types of data, and quantity of data that is to be secured the environmental circumstances, location as well as the reduction levels of threats.

In general there are three different types of the encryption solutions for these threats such as the full disk encryption, the volume as well as the virtual disk encryption, the file or else the folder encryption. The specific encryption method is used based on the security requirements of the devices. 

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