A Study on Man Power Outsourcing At Match Point MBA HR Project


Objectives of a Study on Man Power Outsourcing at Match Point MBA HR Project:


–    Companies go for Man power outsourcing because it would cost less for them to go for recruitment consultants than in house recruitment because of the time constraints faced by various organizations HR departments.

–    In going for Man power outsourcing companies want to utilize the expertise of the consultants.

–    The best sources of that Match point uses are Job Portals and Referrals. The existing database is fairly sufficient to meet the current requirements. The new strategies that could be adopted are paper Ads, campus Recruitment etc.

–    The major attributes that are considered before short-listing a candidate are communication skills, experience, attitude and technical skill set. A good amount of evaluation goes into a candidate before forwarding him/her to a client.

–    A good amount of screening goes into a candidate so that the right candidate is placed for the right job. Also the authenticity of the candidate is checked using the reference checks in order to eliminate the candidates who are not genuine enough.

–    Most of the respondents at Match point felt that minor changes need to be made to the existing selection process. Changes need to be made to the stage in which requirements are understood and the stage in which resumes are short-listed.

–    The database of Match point is generated through job portals and on referral basis.

–    The Recruitment and Selection process in Match point is very similar to that of its clients but interview rounds vary from requirement to requirement.

Download A Study on Man Power Outsourcing At Match Point MBA HR Final Year Project Report and Case Study for Master of Business Administration Students.

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