Students Academic Record Management System

The main purpose of this academic record maintenance process is to support the educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities in saving their time and reducing paper work. This system will regularly update the student database studying in specific institution such as personal information, attendance, examination performance and certifications etc. By using this system colleges and schools can update the attendance of their students and send that data to their parents through inbuilt messages.

This project will be designed by making use of C++, Java, .net as well as which are capable of providing required support to the users about the information. This application can be used within various educational institutions such as colleges, universities and schools in order to store the student database.

Advantages of this system

The main advantage of this application it saves time for college people in maintaining the students record without any paper work and human made errors. This application is a cost effective process which saves the money on paper work for colleges and universities.

  Disadvantages of System

Server for this system needs huge data capacity to store the data which consumes more space over the disk and it needs more number of employees to manage all the tasks involved in it which needs internet support to perform all the activities.

 Hardware Requirements

This system needs a power system that has high memory space with HUB along with many LAN cables to build connection among the systems.

Software Requirements

The software requirements of this system need good operating system with Turboc++ along with VB or else software.

Download Students Academic Record Management System.

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