Ad Agency Project Management System

Project Titled “Ad Agency Project Management System “ project ( Vb.Net)  is a simple stand alone application designed to computerize works in advertising management companies.

Project Abstract:

Management software are playing important role in handling business tasks. There are many applications like payrol management system, stock management system..etc which comes under same category. These software’s are reducing cost for companies and improving standard of data management.

Simillarly ad management software application is also desinged by considering issues in existing maual methods followed by advertising companies.

This application will manage employees details, customers advertising details, payments and other management tasks.

Software Requirements:

We can use, java, programming languages for developing this project. Here we  used using sql server. Students can also download source code from below links.

Download Ad Agency Project Management System

Project Scope:

This management software is useful for small and big advertising agencies , Designing and implemention and maintenance cost is less it will help for organizations to use this software.

Project design Requirements:

Application must be user friendly with easy navigation from one form to other.

Security is important for user and database data.

Database back up option for maintaining old records.

Modules Over view:

Staff Module: This module is useful for managing employees personal details, attendance details, salary details..etc. Details are stored in database in respective table.

Manager Module: Using this module manager can update customers information, advertising account details , security details..etc 

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