Privacy Preserving Public Auditing For Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing ASP.Net Project

The computing called Cloud computing is used as the utility software where the user can save their information to explore the high quality applications and services online that can be accessible the common computing resources. The user need not to manage the information and data in their system to reduce the system load, and can maintain it on the Cloud computing.

The computing allows the users to audit of the cloud data storage security by the third party for confirming the ability of the storage of the outsourcing data. The third party auditing can perform the audit of the Cloud data storage but the auditing agency should perform the audit efficiently and no extra data to put on the Cloud and no asking for the data copy.

The Project deals with above third party auditing and the privacy preserving by the following features.

  1. The Project focuses on the maintaining the privacy preserving auditing protocol for the accessing of public auditing. The Project guides the auditor to audit of the public storage data without any knowledge of the data.
  2. The Project eases the measurable and the effective auditing of the data in Cloud computing. The Project provides the batch auditing in which the many delegated auditing in many users data can be done simultaneously.
  3. The Project has capability of secured and the effective performance of the application.

The Existing System

The existing system does not guarantee the auditing of the data privacy. The system also does not concentrate of the online data to be copied with no additional data to put.

The Proposed System

The Proposed System focused on the public auditing and the privacy of the data. The Proposed System also enables the bilinear multiple auditing data of the multiple users. 

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