Network Based Stock Pile Auditor Asp.Net Mini Project Reports for Computer Science Students

Introduction to Network Based Stock Pile Auditor Mini Project:

The application is developed for the use of the making and the handling of the data entered in the inventory system related to the software and hardware of the IT requirements in an organization. 

The inventories normally possess the computer, printers, monitors, scanners, software, network devices, plotters, cartridges. The FOSS based Asset Management System has two important features the first one is the module of the self assessed inventory of the system itself assembled hardware and the application software and the other system.

The second module combines the previous data and the other financial and commercial data related to the inventory. The financial inventory consists of the purchase order, invoice, warranty, AMC and other commercial information related to the data of suppliers, contracts. The data of the automatic module for the computer peripherals are directly and automatically imported to the financial module of inventory. 

The Existing System 

The existing system is not completely automatic system. The user has to store their information of the inventory in the form of the tables and the disk drives. The system is not secure and the data can be lost. The search of the necessary information is difficult. The organizations possessing many systems need to manage all the system details and inventory separately. 

The Proposed System  

The Proposed System is the automatic and based on the Database integration approach. The Proposed System is secure and the easy to search the information and also the work status of the organization. 

The system is user friendly and rich user interface. The Project management is easy and simple. The system is accessible on the internet. The information of the inventory can be managed as the centralized database. The system is highly secured. The data management is very easy and maintaining the inventory of the goods. The computer peripherals inventory is separately maintained. The automatic remainders informs about the devices status and due time. 

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