SPINS Security Protocol for Sensor Networks PPT Presentation

Introduction to Security Protocol for Sensor Networks PPT Presentation:

The aim of this document is to study in detail the security protocol for sensor networks. We will go through the following topics while studying security protocol for sensor networks security for sensor networks, proposed techniques, application, related work, discussion. Today sensor network are being widely used in many applications such as real-time traffic monitoring, military applications, emergency and critical system.

Let us have a look at how security for sensor network is maintained.

a.)    Data Authentication

b.)    Data Confidentiality

c.)     Data Integrity

d.)    Data Freshness

There are some challenges faced in security protocol for sensor networks. The is faced in resource constraints. Resources are been limited in terms of energy, computation, memory, code size, communication, energy consuming communication. Now let us understand how SPINS contributes in building protocols.

a.)    SNEP

SNEP is sensor network protocol and it provides sensor network encryption protocol and secure point to point communication. SNEP has some important factors data confidentiality, data authentication, replay protection, weak protection, weak freshness, low communication overhead.

b.)    µTESLA

µTESLA is micro timed efficient stream loss-tolerant Authentication. It provides broadcast authentication. Problems with µTESLA is digital signatures for initial packet authentication, limited overhead 24bytes per packet, passing one way key chain is too big the key is passed from base station to all the nodes through network. 

                Let is now study the factors essential for system.

a.)    Communication Pattern

Communication in the sensor networks takes place from node to base station, from base station to node, base station to all nodes.

b.)    Base Station

A base station is a component or factor which has sufficient memory and power, and shares secret key with each node while communication.

c.)     Node

Node in a network is a component which has limited resource and limited trust.

Drawbacks in the above stated is in µTESLA there is need of initial key for each node which will probably lead to intensive communication. Spins uses source routing so it is not vulnerable for analyzing traffic.

Concluding this document we there is need od strong security protocol with low security over head and need of base protocol for more sophisticated security services.

 Download  Security Protocol for Sensor Networks PPT Presentation.

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