Distributed System PPT Presentation

Introduction to Distributed System PPT Presentation:

Few years ago databases was located centrally. Which would eventually causes loss of data and concurrency. This needs a solution so that loss of data can be avoided.  Distributed system provided a solution and implementing distributed database requires network connection spread over a long distance. Network hub provides feasibility to keep the data over number of machines. Let us study in detail about distributed database.

Why do we need network for distributed database?

We need network in distributed databases so that it provides us more flexibility in sharing data and increasing its interactivity. It allows accessing the data from remote machines and with ease and flexibility.

Problem Is Designing Distributed Software.

Designing distributed database involves some difficulties which are as follows which operating system to choose so that it can handle distribution. What kind of network to select so that it can avoid loss of data and provides continues network connectivity.

Building And Classifying Distributed System

Classifying and building distributed system contains following topics.

a.)    Flynn’s Taxonomy (1972)

b.)    Sub-Classifying MIMD

c.)     Bus-Based Multiprocessor

d.)    Working with a cache

e.)    Write-through cache

f.)     Snoopy cache

g.)    Switched Multiprocessor

h.)    Cross-Bars Alternative

i.)      NUMA

j.)      Bus-Based Multi-Computers

k.)      Switched Computers

l.)      Software

m.)  Coupling

n.)    Design Issues – Transparency. 

Let us have look at Service Models.

a.)    Centralized Models

b.)    Client Server Model

c.)     Peer to Peer Model

d.)    Processor Pool Model

e.)    Grid Computing

Multi-Tier Client Server Architectures

Let us learn something about multi-tier client server architecture and its types in detail. Multi-tier client architecture contains connectivity between client and server ant various levels.

a.)    Two-tier Architecture.

Two-tier architecture is commonly used since mid of early 1980’s and 1990’s. Two- tier architecture mainly contains only operations between User Interface and Server.

b.)    Three-tier Architecture

Three-tier architecture contains the linking between client, middle ware which performs some necessary operation on data before it is being sent to server and vice versa, and the third component is server.

c.)     Beyond Three Tier Architecture

Almost all architectures are multi tiered architecture and contain many components in between firewall, java based application and many more.

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