Smart Card Reader and Writer with Attendance Access

 The aim of this SMART CARD READER AND WRITER WITH ATTENDANCE ACCESS project is to maintain the attendance of employee/student in computer. Nowadays so many companies and schools are maintaining their employee/students attendance in note only. It damage by insects or water or fire. Anybody can change their details easily. To avoid these disadvantages we developed this project. In this project the smart card contains the student/employee details. Whenever the person enter to the campus they have to insert the card into the card reader, that time the person details will stored in computer with current time.  


This project is used to maintain the employee/student attendance. The student/employee details are stored in smart card. VB application software we can add/remove the person details. Before entering the room that person should insert the card in to the reader. Now the microcontroller will read the details of persons from card through reader slot. After reading the details the microcontroller sends these details to the VB application through serial port. The VB application software will receive the details from microcontroller and it will check with its database. If permission is available the software will store the person ID, date and time in its own database. 

download  Smart Card Reader and Writer with Attendance Access Abstract.

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