Simulation of Extra High Voltage Long Transmission Lines

Simulation of Extra High Voltage Long Transmission Lines: The electrical power system has three principle divisions the generating stations, the transmission system and the distribution system. The transmission lines link between generating station and the distribution system that lead to other power system interconnections. Today, we are using of Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines for transmission of power between the generating station and distribution system in India.

The main reasons are the construction of super power stations of very large capacities needs the transmission at high voltage so use EHV lines and at high voltages power loss is also reduced since losses are directly proportional to the square of current.

With MATLAB, the simulation of transmission line analyzes the behaviors and parameters of transmission line under the actual conditions to simulate a long transmission line and analyze the waveforms at sending and receiving end. The results after simulation help in designing Extra High Voltage Long Transmission Line Model.

The network is divided into two parts transmission and distribution and transmission system is the main part.  Bulk electrical power transmits from sending end to receiving end stations by transmission line without any consumer and divided into primary and secondary parts. The transmission voltages in India are 66kV, 110kV, 132kV, 220kV, 400kV and 765kV.

The more voltages of transmission line make better performance and efficiency of the system and for this high voltage and extra high voltage transmission lines are used to transmit electrical power from the sending end to the receiving end substations.

The transmission line performance has four parameters. They are Series resistance, Series inductance, Shunt capacitance, and Shunt conductance.


It is concluded that electrical energy is generated in large hydro electric, thermal and nuclear super and super critical power stations and these stations are present away from the load centers. This is an extensive power supply network between the generating station and consumer load.

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