Parallel Computer Architecture Seminar Topics for Computer Science

Parallel Computer Architecture Seminar Topics for Computer Science is a form of computation in which multiple calculations are carried out simultaneously. It is operated on a principle where large problems can often be divided into smaller ones, which are then solved concurrently. The parallel program is a collection of processing elements that are communicated to solve large computational problems by dividing into parallel tasks, exploiting Thread-Level Parallelism (TLP).

Number of transistors is growing rapidly in traditional trends on a chip.  Clock rates are rising slowly. Because of the deeper pipelines, the actual performance is becoming less where as increase in clock rates needs deeper pipelines with longer latencies and higher CPIs. To avoid these problems, multiprocessor systems is one of the viable approaches to improve its performance further.

Today’s microprocessors offer high quality of performance eliminating the use of design of costly custom PEs, parallel computing elements, tools of message processing-programming, etc.

 Now a brief introduction to the application of parallelism that includes computers with high-performance are increasingly in demand in the areas of structural analysis, weather forecasting, aerodynamics simulations, artificial intelligence etc. To achieve high performance using faster and more reliable hardware devices, parallelism is the major development in architecture of a computer and processing techniques. It can be put into practice at the level of algorithm and programs and also at the hardware/software.

The applications of goal of parallel computer processing uses parallel machines, to maximize the speed of performance over single processor, to fix the size of a problem, to balance computations on processors, to minimize cost of communication associated with creation and execution of parallel program, and performance scalability.


Today, we have to accomplish any task with a limited span of time accurately with in less cost and ultimately it is viewed socially. It is necessary in the aspect of computing. With this conclusion, the bottom line is that Parallelism is the only method to accomplish a target in this new era computing world.

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