Seminar Report on Night Vision Device Technology

Introduction to Night Vision Device Technology Seminar Topic:

Night Vision Device is nice topic of great interest of youngsters of modern time of enthusiastic about the improvement in science.

So before knowing the advantage of using Night vision device, we should know the prime reason for creating such a device .Actually this was originally developed for military. Since it was difficult to know what the enemies are up to once the night occurs. It is well known fact that humans cannot see in dark where there is no light .With this form of device we can see a person who is 180-200 m away from us. 

We have two types of night vision

1. Biological Vision      2.Technical Vision 

With every generation i.e first generation ,second  generation and so on ,the way the device purpose was same but the way of working and situation might vary .We might have observed this technology while playing action games. Our main character wore the night vision device and the screen observed by us would be green. So now you might think it be just about creating a story more interesting they might have done so ,but the truth is there is a science behind it .So why do Night Vision Device have images shown in green .The reason is simple Night Vision Device ( NVD ) use green because it is more defined image. 

One more scientific fact is that apart from other color such red, blue so on human have the ability to differentiate different shades of green. The second generation of this device made better use of thermal imagining.

So what exactly is Thermal Imagining .This is a technique that allowed the NVD to work even in foggy, smoky, dusty condition.

Eg .This form of situation generally prevails in desert.

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