Management of Infrastructure projects for Civil Engineering

Introduction to Management of Infrastructure System Project:

This topic is a much interest for business enthusiast person

But this material would make it interested to even a general person.


Since the computer system come into existence the way we do our work has changed .Since technology constantly changes there is a constant change in software and hardware and we need to upgrade the given system.

Now let’s try to understand how provisioning come into picture

The key is where we are managing our data .Since managing data at right place by right person would indicate the usefulness of data.

Here I am going to take one sector of business and then target on its Management Of Infrastructure Provisioning it is Telecom.

Provisioning of Telecom is known as Telecom Infrastructure Provisioning. 

This industry was developed with the aim that it will connect people in no time irrespective of the location .Well we see the result in front of our eyes.

Now how did this industry achieve this target by emerging the latest technology and support of millions of customers made the telecom market one of the best market in the world? 

We as a normal person can visualize the growth of the telecom industry just by seeing its market share.

The telecom industry role is played by both in government and private company. 

Now let’s to focus of how the telecom industry positions itself in our country India.

Many company’s such BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Uninor etc the players of Telecom Industry has certain market share.

This market share is based on number of subscribers, the network, the location popularity and various factors necessary for a given circumstances.

Now days we emphasize more on environment so the main goal of this sector is to look on how effectively they can carry their goal.

This is usually done for Environmental Impact Report by Carriers.

Download Management of Infrastructure project Report for Civil Engineering  students. 

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