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Introduction to  3-Dimensional Virtual Reality in Urban Management Seminar Topic:

This white paper is about 3D Virtual reality (VR) in urban management, also discussed about its drawbacks and future improvements. This paper is explaining about the construction of houses in urban areas based on 3D virtual reality technology. 

Applications of 3D Virtual Reality in Urban Management:

The following are some of the 3D Virtual Reality – application areas: 

  1. 3D allows public participation, and provides access to the comprehensible information. 3D virtual reality systems are more comprehensible when compared to 2D architectural plans.
  2. Virtual reality has ability to create virtual environments and visualize the same new design ideas to engineers for best output. Innovative solutions provided by Virtual reality are very helpful to housing for the 21st century.
  3.  Residential development quality can be evaluated by using Virtual reality. Now-a-days, developers are interested to go through new technology or internet for innovative design ideas rather than following a traditional paper based approach.
  4. Applications in cadastral systems are slowly recognizing by 3D VR systems.
  5. Without violating construction regulations, we have utility lines, 3D VR systems introduced utility lines in a simulation exercises without hitting into other lines and as per applicable regulations. 

Limitations of VR: 

The following are limitations of VR systems:

  1. The present software available is not suitable for design at an urban scale.
  2.  Most of the times Virtual Environments are quite problematic in implementation as there is a requirements of more resources than expected.
  3. The data about data models to be used is fully depends on what model used during designing. But there is an issue in VR systems in processing speed of this data.

But proper designed Virtual Environment with innovative ideas will be more useful. 


Many housing developers now focused on internet or VR systems for design, planning and also for marketing purpose. 3D Virtual Reality technology helps to housing developers to evaluate new housing schemes in an urban context. VR urban model standards are still in developing stage.

 Download Interferon metric Modular Display IMOD.

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