Seminar Hall Booking System PHP Project

The main aim of developing this application is to Create a website for seminar hall booking for a college and it should contain minimum 6 seminar halls.


  1. The home page should contain two login forms one for admin another for user.
  2. Admin should be able to add/delete seminar halls and users, user should have access to account only after admin authentication.
  3. Admin should check the user details and then give the access permission to the user.
  4. In login page the functionality of seminar hall booking should be displayed with help of calendar showing availability & unavailability date with variation in colors,on click of availability date the use should be able book the seminar hall on particular date and time.
  5. After successful booking, should clearly display details of validation performed(which user booked,time,date & seminar hall name).
  6. The web page should be as simple as possible without any special effects.
  7. This project is related to ticket booking & function hall booking.

We made this Seminar Hall Booking project based on Static/ Simple coding which is easily understandable.

add&ViewSemiDetails addseminarDetailsUser adminlogin adminvarification ChangeProfileByUser registration sliding Imag
In this project there is No College image if you want to Add Image just Change the Name of Image. Also name of The college. There already all those are Just You need to add according to your requirement.

Download Seminar Hall booking System PHP project.

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