Online DVD Rental System Java Project


DVD Rental Store is one of the physical business which rents DVD’s, tapes and DVD equipment’s for home. This system can improve DVD rental system and providing social networking options like face book and twitter. This System includes some features like Late DVD’s fee management, late fees will be charged, and New stock Availability, Report for new stock availability and Report contains film in stock. As well as monitory the Extra DVD Renting, charging extra fees if the number of days rented reaches more than one day and Social Networking options like availability in face book and twitter, Multiple Membership types etc.

Existing System:

The Freely Possessed DVD/ Video rental stores started opening in the late 1970’s. The primary of these stores was opened by George Atkinson in 1977 (in Los Angeles) which mainly offers the first 50 titles from Magnetic Video for rent, [1]. In the Mid-year of 1985, the United States had 15,000 Video/DVD rental stores, and numerous record, drug stores [2]. In the 1980’s most stores added to the inevitable death of Beta. Rogers Video was the first anchor to give DVD rentals in Canada. Then later all stores kept on conveying VHS, Blu-ray and DVD.DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc. It is invented and discovered by many companies like Sony, Panasonic, etc. As it offers higher capacity then CD’s. With the appearance of the World Wide Web services, for example, DVD via mail, have turn out to be progressively prevalent since the mid-2000s, thus incredibly lessening the interest for DVD rental shops. As recent generation is addicted to Internet DVD rental more than local store rental mainly due to limited number of copies available for the customers in local stores and also have charge soaring rental prices compared to online.

Proposed System:

In Proposed System there are many online DVD rental companies like Netflix have changes fate of the movie rental industry in the present generation. As Netflix company started its services in 1999 as provided a great way for each and every one to rent DVD’s from comfort of their homes for one monthly low fee. This company has become transitional phase between older days and glorious present/future days. As future of DVD rentals doesn’t involve driving to the stores due to online streaming services which eventually gives limitless and immediate in time delivery.

Software Configuration:

Operating System           :   Windows7/XP

Application Server         :   Tomcat8.0

Front End                       :   HTML, Java, Jsp

Database                         :   Mysql 5.0


  • Authentication
  • Data Storage
  • Data Flow
  • Reports

Authentication :- This Module is for Security of the application in our application we have some user like manager of the shop how is having all the information of all DVD in this shop so we are providing Authentication by keeping User name & Password.

Data Storage: – This module is for Storing the Required Data in any application In our application or authorized user means shop mange will uploaded all the dvd at his sop with all the info of it like name directed by stares in that.

Data Flow: – In Any application we need the Data Flow From one User to other in our Application we are Have to users like Customer & Manger But our Application is Accessed only my Shop Manager So the Data Flow Will be between the Issued ,Returned& Stock of DVD in Shop.

Reports :- Any Application Have to give All the Repots of it to the User of the application For Making his/her work Easy So In our Application also our Manager who use this Application will get All the Reports of Issued DVDS , Returned DVDS & Stock in His Shop all the Customers Who took DVDS.

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