Semantic Web A New Trend in Data Warehousing PPT

Semantic Web A New Trend in Data Warehousing PPT: The Semantic Web is a huge engineering solution to make a secured transaction and publishing data on WWW. The Semantic Web is a mesh of data and information which are linked up for easy processing by machines on a global scale. The Semantic Web provides a common framework which allows data to be shared and reutilized over application. It is a collaborative effort by W3C. It is about common formats for integration and collection of data drawn from diverse sources in which the original Web deals with interchange of documents. This development is occurring in two areas, infrastructural and academically-focused organizations.

Problems with the WWW

Data hidden in HTML files is utilized in some contexts but not in others. The problem with the large amount of data on the web is not easy to use on large scale because of absence of global system. Technically, WWW is defined as a set of protocols and languages. It is driven by a standards approach namely URI, HTTP, HTML, and HML.

The Semantic Web is an extension of the current web where information has well-defined meaning and enables people and computers to work cooperatively. Web is Human Friendly whereas the SEMANTIC WEB is a Machine Friendly. Semantic Web is defined as adding semantic annotation to web resources.

The Web Machine is friendly in three ways: Creating an environment for Knowledge inference, Making Knowledge self-explainable for machines, and Establishing Trust


It is concluded that Semantic Web is said to be a huge engineering solution to the problems of WWW. The best thing of this web is that it provides many different things to so many different people and the upcoming Semantic Web will give this versatility numerous folds. The Semantic Web will be an ease by which PDA, laptop, desktop, server, and car will communicate with each other.

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