Self- Managing Computing Final Year Seminar Topic for IT Students

This paper discussed about the self-managed systems in IT and its advantage. Also described about autonomic computing technologies, how an autonomic system depends on this technologies and how these systems helps to analyze an error condition and how to provide corrective actions when an error condition encounters.


Autonomic computing is the self-managing computing model which named based on autonomic nervous system of human’s body. IBM has started autonomic computing technology. Designing and developing of self-management systems in order to overcome the complexity of computing system management is the main goal of IBM. Autonomic computing is one of self-managing characteristics which helps to identify unpredictable changes and implement corrective actions if an error occurs.  Self-managing computing helps to letting computing system and infrastructure works smarter and take care of managing themselves.

Self-managing systems have the ability to adapt to changes in business policies and surrounding business environment.  These systems have capability to perform managing activities in IT environment.  Most of the mundane operations can manage by this autonomic computing technology helps to IT professionals to focus on other high-value tasks. Self management computing improves system management efficiency.  This computing technology can balance the tasks managed by an IT professional and by the system in e-business infrastructure. Self management computing technology helped to the evolution of e-business. The main goal of autonomic computing is to create systems which are capable of high-level functioning by keep the actual complexities invisible to the user. But there are many challenges exists in developing an autonomic computing system.  The complexity of modern networked computer system is one of the limiting factor in autonomic system’s expansion.


The main objective of IBM autonomic computing initiative is to prepare IT systems self managing.  Self-managed systems can easily adapt to changing environments and react very efficiently to all conditions.  Quick response always helps to reduce application downtime and in turn prevents catastrophic loss of revenue. 

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