Robots Final Year Seminar Topic for Electronics Students

Introduction to Robots Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about an electro mechanical system, Robot.  The focus of this paper is to discuss how to design a self-healing robot system and its applications, advantages and disadvantages.


Even slight injuries make a robot to stumble and fall. Self-healing robots has capability to adapt to minor injuries and continues its tasks. Self-healing robots continuously diagnose and recover from damage based on few techniques implemented in designing such robots.  The new technology implemented here is based on the concept of multiple competing internal models. A self-healing robot has capability to infer its own morphology through self-directed exploration and then utilize those resultant self-models to synthesize new behaviors.

For both robotics and electronic circuits, many number of algorithms based on repeated testing for error recoveries have been proposed. The benefit of self-healing system is the ability to adapt to all unforeseen conditions, but the cost of production of such a system is its major limitation.  This concept of designing robot is not readily available in open market so cannot able to predict the cost of production of this system.  Self-healing systems are helpful in long-term space missions. Both self-sustaining robotic ecology and self repair are the two techniques must persist in long-term space missions. The quality and life of a normal robot can also be achieved with the help of this self-healing technology. Mostly these types of robots are helpful in deep sea exploration or mining.  Quadrupedal and hexapedal robots are two hypothetical robots which tested in the preliminary experimental research.


Researches are carried out in order to develop robots which can detect changes in their own morphology and also in surrounding environment.  Many robots are there on planets and the technology of designing robots which can detect changes in themselves  and in environment without human interaction or help is very helpful for the robots which are located on planets because such responsiveness lends autonomy to robot explorers.

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