Segmentation of Pathological and Healthy Tissues Seminar Project

The accepted concept for remote segmentation and identifying normal tissues, pathological tissues, and CSF of human brain under Magnetic resonance image (MRI) is portrayed under this Segmentation of Pathological and Healthy Tissues Seminar Project. The concept is executed under two levels. First one is the MRI brain picture is obtained from the information of the patient and the image artifact and noise are deleted. Under the second level, the hierarchal self establishing Map and fuzzy ‘C’ implies the algorithms are utilized to divide the picture level by level.

The least lever weight vector is obtained through abstraction step. We obtained the great parameter of pathological tissue pixels with the help of Hybrid Intelligence Technique. The concept need not include the particular expert description for forms or manual interactions in the segmentation method. The HSOM-FCM functions very correctly and in contrast with last methods.

Body contains several cells. Each cell includes particular function. The cells development under the body is classified to form the alternate cells. These classifications are most important for accurate tasks of the human body. If cell misses the capability of managing its development then this classification is accomplished with range and tumor increases. Tumors are classified into two forms. They are malignant and benign.

MR imaging method due to best capability to display distinction among soft tissues, great resolution, best comparison and noninvasive method to utilize no ionization rays. Segmentation is the primary level at productive recognition of medical pictures.


Segmentation of Pathological and Healthy Tissues Seminar Project is concluded that segmentation methods are beneficial on general tissues. PC helps to identify the tumor and it is the tough index under the area of abnormal tissue divisions. There are two essential issues. First one is automatic tissue measurement which is due to variations under the forms. Next issue is the MR image structured from great number of pixels. Hence segmentation issues include great mathematical complexity and require the memory.

Download Segmentation of Pathological and Healthy Tissues Electronics & Communication Engineering Final Year Seminar Project.

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