Intranet Mailing System Seminar Topic

Intranet-Mailing-System-SeminarIntranet mailing system seminar topic explains about developing a mail application which can handle features like sending mails, mail attachments, chatting features and more. Main aim of this paper is to explain how intranet mail system can be implemented with GUI designs. 

Intranet mailing system will have all features as that of regular Gmail, Yahoo mail. But this works only inside organization. Using regular mails inside organization is not secure, there are chances of hacking. As organization contains important documents there is need to use mailing system which work inside organization. At present there are many intranet mailing applications available on the web; squirrel mail is one among them. 

This paper describes how intranet mail system can be useful for organization. In intranet mailing system admin can use settings to allow emails only to members who are in the list of organization.

download Intranet Mailing System Seminar Topic , paper presentation.

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