A Study of Color Histogram Based Image Retrieval

Existing System

  • In the existing system we have the Text based retrieval in this we will compare the images using based on the tags itself.
  • Later the Texture based retrieval is done; here we will consider only the gray level difference.
  • Then came Color based, only the color is compared.
  • In all the above we have certain limitations and so we cant efficiently compare the images.

 Proposed System

  • We will calculate some features of the image for efficient retrieval.
  • Some features are calculation of the Mean, Standard Deviation, Skew, Energy and Entropy.
  • By calculating these features we can find the distance and similarity of the image.
  • And we will be calculating the Rank Power which is used to find out the number of occurrences of the retrieved images.

Software Requirements

  • Language              –         JAVA,J2EE
  • Web Framework   –         MVC 2
  • Front End             –         JSP
  • Web Server           –         Apache Tomcat 5.5
  • Build Tools           –        Apache Ant 1.7.0

Download  A Study of Color Histogram Based Image Retrieval

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