Diet Adviser Android Project

User– The user can not only know their calorific requirements but also can calculate calories for the food consumed. Various low-calorie recipes have been included for reference.

Database – It is used to store the calorific value data and recipes.

Application– Carries out all calculations and database retrieving

The need to know the calories in the consumed food is necessary to maintain a healthy diet. Diet Advisor is developed to track the calories consumed by an individual.

For those who don’t know how many calories they need in a day, Diet advisor provides functionality to calculate the calorific requirement also.

For those who know the calorie requirement, and don’t know how to prepare a healthy diet Diet Advisor provides with recipes which have abundant nutrients and are low in calorific value.

Diet Advisor lets the user store single calorific value, which can be retrieved later and calories can be added to existing value.

Every individual has unique dietary and nutritional requirements. A personalized nutrition service from ‘Diet Advisor’ can help intervene and support with a wide range of information.

With our thorough diet consultation service you can benefit from a unique individualized nutritional intervention programme, tailored to your body’s requirements.

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